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The choice is simple. Here is why Amber Fintech is the right partner for you.

Customised fees and interest. We will tailor every solution down the finest details to suit not only your specific business needs, but also the supply and demand of your cardholders' needs.

We have a solution for every industry. Whether you have bulk payments for your payroll or single transactions for insurance payouts. We have various payment and acquiring options that will help you eliminate unnecessary costs and administration. 

Our cards are fully functional debit cards. Your cardholder can transact on the card as they would with any other debit card. They can receive their salaries, do ATM withdrawals, transfer money and more. 

Step by step training and in-depth support. We pride ourselves with trained capable staff that will make it their highest priority to support you and your business.

We believe in the growth of your business. We will strive to assist you in any way to grow your business.  

The possibilities are endless. We would love to sit with you and see how we can enable you to create a better tomorrow for you and your business

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Select from a range of modules that will
suit you and your business

Card Issuer Model

Co brand (2) (1).png

Get your clients banked and increase your client base by registering with Amber Fintech and become an Approved Issuer. Simple effortless ways to get a transactional account to your clients.

Seamless and convenient, the better way to do business. Ensure your clients' funds are paid on time and available. Our web based platform allows you to replace your clients' card, issue new accounts and provide assistance to you client base, on site. We also provide you with a business account and web based business banking for easy access and reconciliations.


You can choose from a range of standard products that will suit your specific need.   

This is our most basic model, a plug and play. We have the products, systems and platforms ready, you just sign the documents.

This is a fully functional debit card, including mobile banking.

Card Designs in our Card Issuer and Sub Co-Brand Range

surecard classic 20210602 (1).png
surecard premium 20201209.png
cash access 20210126.png
Card Issuer Model

Sub Co-Brand Model


Enhance your prospects and increase your growth by becoming a partner.

With this model you will be able to use one of our standard products and add your logo to the card. We meet you halfway!


You will have access to all of our issuing platforms to issue new accounts, replace existing cards and provide services to your clients. Most of our products are fully functional banking accounts, with the exception for our Cash Access product that is aimed  at basic banking needs. 

The paper work might be just a little bit more that the basic model, but your logo will be there for the clients to see and provide them a feeling of comfort when using the card. 

This is a fully functional debit card, including mobile banking.

Sub Co Brand Model

Co-Brand Model

Cobrand (1).png

Manage your business, take control, invest and become a Co-Brand partner.

Aimed at organisations that want to go full out. This model will allow you to brand the card 100% with your logo and corporate identity. 


You will be able to customise your fees and interest according to you client needs. Our specialised team can assist you in advancing your client growth and retention.

We specialise in API as well as product design and transactional banking solutions. As a partner we help to formulate revenue income, marketing and logo coupled with commercial agreements to get you on the right track.

I you want to put your stamp down and make a statement in the market, this module is for you!

Co Brand Model

Full Co-Brand Partners 

wizzit 20210127.png
MB Membership Card 2021 V2 20210813.png
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