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Summary of our Core 

The core system was built using Intersystems Caché. It consists of modules enabling front and back-end users.

Front-end users are enabled for Issuing, Acquiring and client enquiries

Back-end users are enabled for core business functions - Compliance, Client Care, Financial, Reporting, Processing and Monitoring.

Switching of ATM, POS and other transactions are handled by the Transaction Switching module.

Functions available

Core Banking System.png

Core Banking System

Debit Cards.png

Debit Cards

Card Management.png

Card Management

PrePaid Cards.png

Prepaid Cards

An Overview of the Core Banking System

Management Information & Reporting
Core Banking
Enterprise Service 
Account  Management

Components of the Banking System

The system consist of 4 main modules:

  • Switching

  • CBS (Core Banking System)

  • Issuing

  • Acquiring 

Other modules include:

  • Dialogue (USSD and SMS's)

  • ESB Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) / Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

  • Management Information System (MIS)

Open API

  • Most Functions

  • Switching ATM & Debit Card Transactions

  • Switching Payments/Transfer

  • Account opening and FICA Doc Storage Flow Service

Module Description 


  • DebiCheck Payment Systems 2019 - current

  • Set up product types according to Business rules

    • Functionality, Fees, Limits, Documentation needed according to FICA requirements

  • Creating Card stock according to Product type and Co-brand

  • Allocate Stock to branches

  • Issuing accounts online

    • Cheque and Savings and Wallets

  • Upload documentation according to Business Rules for each products

    • Allow FICA department to approve documentation accor

  • Update Client Information

  • Value Added Products

  • Migration

  • Issue Convenience Card, similar to a gift card

  • Manage Branch information

  • Perform third party functions on behalf of Clients

    • Draw Statements, Balance Enquiries, Abridged Statements

    • Make Cards Hot

    • Load Payment Requests


  • Transactional Banking System

    • Processing Credits and Debits

    • Enforcing Account limits

  • Customised import according to Industry Standards and proprietary standards

    • Incoming EFT Credits

    • Incoming EFT Debits

    • Acquiring Credits

    • Disputes

  • Customized exports according to Industry Standards and proprietary standards

  • Outgoing EFT Credits

  • Outgoing EFT Debits

  • Monitoring system to ensure 100% Availability

  • Export of all data to ensure compliance to our banking partner


  • AEDO & NAEDO Payment Systems 2006-Current

  • DebiCheck Payments Systems 2014-Current

  • Register loans

  • Manage installments

  • Send Request for Payment

  • Process Response from Client

  • Send Feedback to Merchants who facilitate loans

  • Manage Merchant information


  • Accept switching transactions

    • Different formats : ISO8583, XML, JSON, ISO20022

    • In house format PIN Encryption by HSM

  • Switching ATM Transaction

  • Switching Debit Card Transaction

  • Switching Payments/Transfer

  • Monitor uptime 100%

What we do


  • Communication module to the Client

  • Sending SMS

  • Accommodate Reply to SMS

  • Self registration of new Client on boarding

  • Mobile Banking allowing the client to transact on his mobile phone via USSD2


  • Secure VPN Website

  • Pre-defined set of Reports to send management reports to branches and Head Office personnel

    • Accounting information from General Ledger

    • Summary of Fees acquired

    • Information on Accounts issued

    • Information of state of documentation

    • Customised reports as required


  • Integrations with Third Parties to facilitate

    • Account Issuing

    • Documentation uploaded

    • Transfer funds (Including Reversals)

    • Registration of loans

    • Collection Requests

    • Collection Response

    • Integration into legacy systems

  • Data-interchange Formats

    • XML

    • JSON

    • ISO20022

    • Delimited (CSV)

  • Inbound OutBound Connection Adapters

    • Email

    • Files

    • FTP/ SFTP

    • HTTP

    • SOAP

    • REST

    • MQSeries

    • TCP

At Amber Fintech we listen to your needs. We make it a priority to assist you with tailor made debit cards that is easy for you to issue and even easier for your client to use.

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